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Article: The New Shopify App Store: Discover the Right Apps to Grow Your Business

The New Shopify App Store: Discover the Right Apps to Grow Your Business

The New Shopify App Store: Discover the Right Apps to Grow Your Business

The New Shopify App Store: Discover the Right Apps to Grow Your Business

Every business has unique needs and those needs change over time.

That’s why our community of app developers are such an important part of Shopify, building flexible solutions to help you grow your business your way.

Shopify apps are so impactful that 85% of Shopify merchants say they rely on them to run their businesses. And to date, developers have created thousands of Shopify apps, helping merchants start businesses, sell more, scale up, and save time.

However, with so many specialized apps to choose from, finding the right one for your unique business can be a challenge.

That’s why today we’re excited to launch the new Shopify App Store, making it easier than ever to discover the apps that meet your needs.

Beautifully redesigned from the ground up

new shopify app store home page

When you visit the new Shopify App Store, the first thing you’ll notice is a completely revamped design giving you an improved experience on both desktop and mobile.

The Shopify App Store is now simpler and easier to navigate, and has been reorganized based on feedback we’ve collected from our merchant and app developer communities.

Apps are now categorized using the same language you use to find them, making the search and browsing experience more accurate than ever.

Looking for more ways to turn browsers into buyers? Simply visit the “Sales and Conversion” category to discover all available solutions that can help you sell more, sorted into subcategories like “Cross-selling and Upselling”, and in the order of what’s most relevant for your business.

Streamlined listings help you choose the best app for your business

new transparent, standardized listings in the shopify app store

Based on your feedback, app listings have been transformed to put the information that matters most to you front and center.

App listing pages now highlight key information you need to compare apps side by side and quickly understand if an app is right for you or not.

App pricing in particular is now a lot more transparent, presented in tiers so you can easily understand what you get at each price point and how the app will scale with your business.

shopify app store transparent pricing

Search is now more accurate than ever

We know that search is the main way you find Shopify apps, so we worked hard to use the data we have to ensure that the best apps for your business show up first.

To save you time, search results now let you see important information at a glance, such as free trial details, ratings, and a simplified description explaining what each app gives you.

improved search in the shopify app store

We also created easy-to-use features to help you narrow down results in your decision making process. Once you look up a keyword, you can filter the results based on the new, specific app categories and also by price.

We know that time is your most valuable resource and we’re here to help make it easier for you to quickly discover the right apps for your business.

Smarter app recommendations tailored to you

smarter app recommendations in the shopify app store

Our app recommendation engine has also been improved based on the patterns we see that drive success for our merchants’ businesses.

Log into your Shopify account to see recommendations on which apps we believe might be most beneficial for your business.

Apps that are frequently purchased together will also be surfaced to help provide you with ways to use Shopify apps that you may not have considered before.

These personalized recommendations not only save you time in finding the apps you need, but may present new ideas to help you run your store more efficiently. The suggestions you get will only get better and more accurate over time.

A sleeker and smarter Shopify App Store

The new Shopify App Store was rebuilt with both new and existing merchants in mind, to make it easier for you to find the solutions that you’re looking for and discover apps you didn’t know you needed.

Whether you’re searching for apps, checking out personalized recommendations delivered to you, or just browsing, you can think of the Shopify App Store as your personal consultant for Shopify apps that gets smarter and smarter as more merchants use apps to grow their business.

Visit the new Shopify App Store to see which apps can help grow your business today!

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