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Why shopify ?

What is Shopify? , Shopify is a complete ecommerce solution that allows you to set up an online store to sell your goods. It lets you organize your products, customize your storefront, accept credit card payments, track and respond to orders — all with a few clicks of the mouse.

There’s no installation required and it works with all operating systems (including Windows and MacOS). We host Shopify so you don’t have to worry about installing, upgrading or maintaining any software or web servers.

Shopify is ideal for you if you want to launch an online shop, or if you already have a physical store, but want to continue to grow your business by selling your products online.

Shopify works in almost every country and currency. It is dependent on the payment gateway you use.

Why Shopify : The eCommerce platform made for you

Whether you sell online, on social media, in store, or out of the trunk of your car, Shopify has you covered.

From websites to mobile apps, Shopify makes it easy to sell your products everywhere.

why shopify ?

  • Shopify is affordable and a breeze to use.
  • Endless designs possibilities.
  • Dynamic marketing tools.
  • Unmatched 24/7 technical support.
  • Around the clock security, with PCI scan and SSL secuity
  • Shopify offers you over 100 beautiful and professional templates (themes), so your online shop can look great. 
  • Shopify is very flexible and has all sorts of tools (Apps) to meet your needs and to extend the functionality of your online store.  
  • Shopify offers you a true 24/7 anytime support.  You can reach them at any time through phone support, online live chat or email. 
  • Good Templates,Standard Features, Affordable, Documentation, Secure