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Article: What next After Launching a New Store?

What next After Launching a New Store?

What next After Launching a New Store?

>>> If you had to choose, what single ecommerce strategy or tactic would you prioritize when first launching a shop on Shopify? I’d love to hear advice on this from people who have been through the process already and learn what they’d focus on if they were to launch a new business.

Here at Shopify, we’re lucky to work alongside talented and successful store owners in all departments, so we reached out to some of our coworkers to ask what they would focus on if they were launching a second store.

The advice came in quickly, and while a majority of the advice focused on the general theme of finding and connecting with customers, the tactics they chose to do that were all different. What works for one business, or one person, might not be the right focus for you, and there are always going to be more great options than you have time to execute.

Since finding your first customers will likely be the best place to put your focus, here’s a list of great tactical advice to help you do that. Just remember that you know your business best and should always select the tactics that will make the biggest difference for you.

Create streams of free traffic

Paid marketing is one way to get people to your store, and while it can be quick and targeted, it’ll cost you. That’s why building organic traffic from social media can be a great strategy to focus on if you have time available but limited financial resources. As a bonus, it’ll also help you build strong connections with your customers and get early feedback.

“I’d curate content to connect with my audience using natural (unpaid) means. That’s the most cost efficient way to gain qualified traffic in my opinion. It isn’t just about one channel—I would start a Facebook and Instagram account and grow them naturally. I’d create a blog on my store, and use some of my social posts to drive traffic there and to relevant product pages. This will have SEO benefits, as well as help to gain natural and free traffic.”

Identitee Politics

If you’d like a primer on getting started with organic social media marketing, check out Instagram Marketing 101, and get inspired by eight outstanding ecommerce blogs.

Pitch to the press

These days, getting press attention could mean coverage in a national paper or on a major blog in your niche. Finding and pitching the right media outlets for your brand can be a great tactic to drive traffic, awareness, and sales for your business.

“The number one thing I’d focus on if we were launching again is external press. We missed this for our launch, but got it for our 6 month mark. This strategy cost us $0, but accelerated our SEO, which was huge.”

David Gaylord
Co-founder of Bushbalm

“Getting some press coverage—managing to get featured in a national newspaper’s fashion section within the first month—was a great boost.”

Paul Mc Connell
Financial Services Specialist
Grey + Ginger

If you want to connect with the media, no matter the size of the outlet, here’s a guide to building a press kit to get more attention for your business.

Build a brand

Your brand isn’t just your logo, your theme, or your colors, although building a strong visual brand is important. It’s everything from how you work with customers, to how you write your copy and what you stand for. Locking these details down early can help set you up with a solid foundation for your business.

“I’d focus on having a strong, consistent brand that everyone involved can pitch in one or two sentences. That foundation would automatically inform all marketing activities, brand voice, content, and our target audience.”

Cian Wright

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