Why You Need to Get on the Phone When Selling High-Ticket Products

Oftentimes, the best thing to sell customers isn't your product's features but their own potential. Who can they become or how will their lives change with your product in their hands?

In this episode of Shopify Masters, you’ll learn from an entrepreneur who focuses on selling her customers on a transformation and why the phone is one of her most important channels.

Misha Tenenbaum is the CEO of EditStock: a company that provides unedited film projects for students to practice video editing.

Mario plus flower equals fire power. And so Mario is your customer, flower is your product and fire power is what they want. And what you've got to sell is the fire power.

Tune in to learn

  1. How to find your first 100 customers and what you what you should try to learn from them
  2. Why you need to sell your customer’s transformation instead of your product
  3. Why it’s so important to get on the phone with customers especially when you have a higher ticket product
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