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How to make shopify theme faster

Tips for Shopify Site Speed Optimization

Disable Unused Apps and Features: 

Shopify apps, when we download apps and features to your shop, they incorporate some code and script to your site so they can run. You can remove unnecessary apps in your Shopify Admin. Click “Apps” followed by “Apps and sales channel settings.”

Minimize Redirects:

Web URL/LINKs on the website instruct browsers to go to a different URL than the one originally requested.

Optimize Your Images:

Images of High pixels often come with large file sizes. This can be a problem when you consider that these files need to be downloaded from the server to the user's device when the webpage loads.  

Optimize Your Theme’s Performance:

Shopify theme can start out as lightweight and fast, making excessive changes to its core design can result in a bloated, slow site.