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Product Upsell Shopify App

Product Upsell

Product Upsell, Cross-sell & Smart Upsells to make more money


About Bold Upsell

In a nutshell...

The Bold Upsell app lets you display pop-up upsell and cross-sell offers that promote other products, that customers can add with a click! For example, a customer buys a pair of leather shoes, you could cross-sell them a bottle of polish to go with them. You could also upsell them to a nicer pair of shoes, replacing the pair that they just picked out. It's the only app that handles Upsells AND Cross-sells.

CROSS-SELLS(Would you like fries with that?)

The first type of offer is the classic cross-sell. When the customer chooses to add an item to cart (or clicks the "checkout" button), you offer them an additional item that they can add directly from the pop-up. Have a few different products they might like? You can show multiple offers and let them scroll through to pick their favourites.

UPSELLS (Would you like to supersize that?)

A true product UPSELL offer is a slightly better item that replaces the first product just added to the cart. The app perfectly handles upsell offers allowing you to set up specific products that will trigger the upgrade offer.

SMART upsell offers using the Bold Brain!

Bold Upsell is supercharged using its very own integration with... the Bold Brain! This free app collects from (and processes) hundreds of data points on your online store to figure out which products are often purchased together. It can then semi-automatically create cross-sell offers in a single click. These offers are converting at a significantly higher rate than manually-created offers because they're based on real customer data!

Run BOGO and "Free Gift" campaigns

Paired with the Bold Discount app, Bold Upsell can run even MORE offers with ease. This works by using the Discount app's "Duplicate and Hide" functionality, which duplicates a base product, discounts it by a set amount and then visually hides it on the storefront. This allows you to use it in Upsell offers, but not let customers find it on your storefront. Pretty cool, hey? The apps can work together to run the following kinds of offers: * Buy one, get one free * Buy one, get one half-price * Buy 4 of a specific product, get a free gift * Buy 3, get one 75% off * Spend $100, get a free gift! * ...the list goes on and on!

Upsell After Checkout

Add one-click post-purchase upsell offers to the the thank-you page with countdown times for urgency. Required a checkout upgrade. Learn more and try it in action at the demo store link below!

Full design control

The upsell offers that the app creates look great "out of the box", are mobile-friendly, and have a default styling that matches most themes. Some stores might want to customize how the pop-ups look, and that's super easy to do; you can control language settings, button sizes/styles, borders, and take full control through CSS.