Shopify Pursuit: An International Conference Series to Help You Grow, Learn, and Connect

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Pursuit: Running from September to November 2018, Pursuit will travel across four different continents, and set up shop in five cities.

Previously known as A Day With Shopify, Pursuit is an international conference series that aims to help you build personal relationships with other Shopify Partners, learn valuable business lessons, and share best practices with the wider partner community.

Over the past two years, we listened to everything you loved about A Day with Shopify, and discovered that most partners attend these events in the pursuit of improvement.

So whether you’re in the pursuit of growth or a deeper connection with the community, this conference series has evolved to bring you the most impactful aspects of its former self—collaboration, peer learning, and actionable takeaways.

Running from September to November 2018, Pursuit will travel across four different continents and set up shop in five cities. Not only will you get a full day of presentations, office hours, and networking opportunities, but we’ve also added an evening meetup and limited seating master class, to round out your high impact learning experience.

Why attend Pursuit?

Whether you’re a freelancer, agency, or app developer, Pursuit is a place to grow, learn, and connect.

Grow together, faster

Get inspired and stay motivated by learning best practices and tactics similar freelancers and agencies have had success with. Whether that’s optimizing your current business model, or strategies to help you find new clients, at Pursuit you’ll learn and apply partner insights to help grow your business.

"At Pursuit you’ll learn and apply partner insights to help grow your business."

Peer learning at its finest

Share insights and lead other partners to high growth opportunities, or if you’re there to learn, walk away with a clear idea of next steps for your business. Pursuit will renew your focus on greatness, growth, and ownership.

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Connect with like-minded partners

Making face-to-face connections are some of the most valuable takeaways for partners. Connect with Shopifolk and meet with other partners to help grow your business or collaborate on projects.

Everything you need to know about Pursuit

shopify pursuit 2018: conference

Here’s everything you need to know to get the most out of your two days at Pursuit.

A full day conference

Pursuit includes a Shopify keynote, presentations from partners, lightning talks, and networking areas. Each presentation and workshop is hosted by Shopify Partners with the intention to provide actionable, proven strategies that you can execute the next day.


Attend exclusive half-day workshops lead by veteran Shopify Partners. Each master class is a hands-on, tactile learning session where you will dive deep and learn proven strategies to grow and scale your business. You can register for a master class when you buy your conference ticket. Masterclass tickets are an additional cost. Limited spots available.

"Attend exclusive half-day workshops lead by veteran Shopify Partners."

Office hours

Book 30 minutes of 1:1 time with a Shopify team member. Bring problems to a Shopify Expert and remove roadblocks. Discover the next steps to grow your business, whether that’s attracting more clients, operating as an effective partner, or getting your head around the platform. Limited spots available.

Evening meetup

Network with other Shopify Partners over food and drink the night before master classes. Whether you’re looking to break the ice, swap clients, hire a superstar for your agency, or chat with a featured speaker, an evening meetup helps you get familiar with like-minded partners and meet Shopify Merchants.

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Find a Pursuit near you

Pursuit is stopping in five countries to reach as many Shopify Partners as possible:

  • New York City, USA (Sept 20-21)
  • London, UK (Oct 1-2)
  • Berlin, GER (Oct 8-9)
  • Melbourne, AUS (Nov 8-9)
  • Bangalore, IND (Nov 22-23)

A call for lightning talk speakers

shopify pursuit 2018: lightning talk

We’re looking for partners to share their tips and tricks through a lightning talk—a five minute window where you have the chance to get up and share insights with the partner community.

We are looking for topics that would be of value to others in your industry. Whether you want to share expertise across web design, development, or marketing, we want you to share your ideas.

If you’d like to do a lightning talk at any Pursuit event, fill out the application form linked below. If you have questions on lightning talk opportunities, please contact pursuit[at]shopify[dot]com.

Apply now

A place to grow, learn and connect

Join your peers for two action-packed days of announcements, networking, and valuable conversation. Be sure to register soon, so you don’t miss out on this unique chance to connect with Shopify Partners in your area.

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