What is Shopify Gold?

Enterprise ecommerce platform for large scale businesses in India

Shopify Gold is designed for India’s fast-growing brands and online sellers by providing world-class enterprise commerce technology at a fraction of the cost.



Shopify Gold is a plan exclusively available to fast-growing and high-volume businesses in India. Gold is modeled on Shopify’s enterprise plan Shopify Plus but available at a fraction of cost.

Shopify Gold-only features:

  • Additional clone stores which allow you to customize pricing and inventory per region
  • Access to Shopify’s checkout.liquid to customize your checkout experience and boost conversions
  • Shipping & Discount Scripts to customize your checkout
  • Higher API limits compared to regular Shopify merchants
  • Access to Discounts API, Gift Card API, Users API, Multipass API
  • Local account management based in India
  • 24x7 priority support

Find out more about Shopify Gold at The e-commerce platform for high-volume businesses in India | Customizable and Scalable | Shopify Gold